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    Catch a Rising Star Sydney Collins - Images Magazine

    10 Best Bands and Musicians in Phoenix Under the Age of 21-The kards with Sydney Claire Collins- Phoenix New Times

    "She's been here for three years, we love her", says Laura Craig owner of Rhythm & Wine

    2015 Winner of Chicks with Picks singing contest

    2013-2015 Alice Cooper's Proof is in the Pudding Finalist.

    Take Me Away - Syd Collins
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    We Could Fall - Syd Collins
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    Tell Me - Syd Collins
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    Syd Collins is something of her own.  Since being a performing musician from a young age, and having a variety of musical preferences her whole life, Syd was never one to put a specific label or genre on her music.

    Syd started off her career doing charity gigs, or any little performance she could do as an unknown.  She quickly became known for her distinct bluesy, yet contemporary style, and she was able to land paying gigs all over Phoenix, Tempe, and Scottsdale such as Bootleggers Modern American Steakhouse, Rhythm & Wine, The Wrigley’s Mansion, Sorso Wine Room, and The Yard. 

    These gigs allowed Syd to cover any song that she wanted while having to appeal to her audiences.  Years of performing at these gigs, enabled Syd to explore many areas of music, and helped her realize how her voice wasn’t just a noise, but a power!  Her stylistic choices and new adaptations of the covers captivated her audience and always left them wanting more. 

    Now attending The Musician’s Institute, Syd’s life is fully emerged in music.  With her voice and style fully apparent, she has found her own sound in which she combines her blues/soulful voice with EDM and R&B influenced beats. 


    Syd Collins has a voice that you will remember and a sound that you’ve never heard before. 


    Syd Collins - LPWs - Musician's Institute



    (480) 522-8549


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